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Bringing together over 100 industry, nonprofit, and advocacy organizations, the Advocacy Coalition is growing the movement to make computer science a fundamental part of K-12 education. View current members here.

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Discover the 2023 State of Computer Science Education

This annual report on K-12 computer science in the United States provides an update on national and state-level computer science education policy, including policy trends, maps, state summaries, and implementation data.

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Advocacy tools and policy resources

Discover key resources, progress updates, and essential policy recommendations to support and advance computer science education in your state.

Our state policy agenda

Our state policy agenda outlines 10 key recommendations for advancing computer science education. These policies are designed to ensure equitable access to high-quality CS education for all students.

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State-by-state progress

Track the progress of CS education policy across different states with extensive state-by-state details. This resource provides updated information implementation and participation.

Policy Resources and Data

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Explore more policy resources and data to support your advocacy efforts. Our collection includes research reports, case studies, and practical guides to help inform and drive effective policy changes.

The nation's leaders support CS
A message from over 800 business, education, and nonprofit leaders.

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For administrators

Join the thousands of schools who have already incorporated computer science into their curriculum.

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For educators

Start teaching today — no computer science experience necessary — with our professional learning workshops.

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For parents

You can help encourage your student's school to offer or expand computer science education.

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The global movement to bring computer science to every student and school continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. The Advocacy Coalition is a group of over 100 organizations working to ​grow, support, and sustain​ ​this movement.

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Promote AI Literacy. Support Innovation. Provide Guidance.

The latest resource from TeachAI, Foundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education, provides briefs, policy considerations, and presentation materials for policymakers to craft responsible policies for teaching with and about AI. Let's #TeachAI.