2020 State of Computer Science Education:
Illuminating Disparities

Annual report on K-12 computer science in the United States which includes policy trends, maps, state-by-state summaries, and implementation data. Choose a digital PDF or order a physical copy today.

State Summaries

Each state page includes graphics displaying computer science policies in place and student enrollment data. Download a seperate state handout for more details

Detailed description of state policies that promote computer science education

Graph showing access to foundational computer science courses

AP Computer Science access and participation disparities for racial and ethnic groups

Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA)

"Knowing the basics of computer science can open doors to virtually any career in our fast-growing 21st-century economy."

Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA)

"Computer science has quickly moved from a narrow elective to a basic skill that every student needs."

Access to Computer Science

The Access Report shows the percent of high schools in each state that teach foundational computer science courses.

Policy Maps

Maps show which states have passed each policy

Nine Policies

The nine state policies promote equity, growth, and sustainability in K-12 computer science.

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Choose a digital PDF or order a physical copy today

Historic State of Computer Science Reports

Download previous state of computer science reports to see how your state has progressed!


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